You are Never Separate from the Universe

August 5, 2011

All of you, at some point in your life,
seemingly out of nowhere,
received the sacred impulse of awakening
to your true nature.

By now you certainly have noticed
that trying to force this process is counterproductive
and it is very helpful to humbly and sweetly surrender
into asking the kind of help that is always available.

The universe is in favor of any loving request
and responds with the same kind of love
many, many times multiplied.

You are never separate from the universe.
While you enter into meditation
and busyness becomes emptiness
and emptiness becomes fullness
this is now your own experience.

This is a form of awakening.
It creates a field of presence
which is no longer so vulnerable
to all kinds of distractions.

This is called the presence of the Lord.
It is the end of all searching.
It is abiding in your true Self.

Thousands of beings are finding shelter in this presence.
All of them are you.

Even the world is finding some shelter in your silence,
in your kindness and definitely in your love.

Live in peace
and wherever you go
the miracle of peace will precede you.

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