True Love Never Dies

April 18, 2007

All your loved ones have gifted you with their essence.
Some already left their form.
Their love supports you now – as much as ever.

True love never dies.
It is consciousness recognizing itself in the other as one.

Call all your loved ones into your presence, one by one,
and meditate together.
It moves away the bonds of time and space
and gives you a taste of eternity.

Objects always come and go.
As eternal subject you are transcendental.

Thoughts are objects too.
In between the thoughts there are gaps.
That’s where presence finds you.

This witnessing presence is weaving a blanket of love
and wrapping it around everyone who needs it.

On the earthly plane and on the invisible planes
some are weaving a blanket of love for you.
To be a vulnerable and grateful recipient is your gift to them.

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