To Fear is to Forget

October 10, 2001

Always keep looking at the larger screen of consciousness.
This screen does not accept your projections.
It only reflects back to you your pure essence.

When the world is plunged in darkness, there is an immediate response from the higher planes of consciousness to simply remind you of what is.

To fear is to forget your unshakable nature and destiny as a light being.

No effort is required but a very clear alignment of your commitment to be in the center of divine harmony.

From the center of the cosmic heart there is no end to the love emanating towards you. Open all the cells of your being to receiving this pristine light.

As you are gathered in this light a recharging of the life current is taking place.
Let this force be very intoxicating, refreshing, nourishing to the depths of your soul.

Let a single drop of divine consciousness wipe away all your illusions.

The masters of wisdom and compassion are actively seeking your help to contribute to world peace. Receive their blessings, receive their inspiration, let them guide your actions.
Be in peace.

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