The Most Wonderful Gift to Yourself

April 27, 2012

The most wonderful gift to yourself
is to allow plenty of room in your heart
to receive the embrace of your true nature.

To facilitate this you could invoke
any image of the Divine that touches you,
any guide or teacher you feel close to,
or any unity experience that has ever come to you.

One more step may prove to be useful –
gently suggest to your little me, the me of the personality
to recede in the background
and invite the love that you are
to fully occupy the foreground.

Now, truly, you are standing on solid ground.
You are connecting to eternity

and you know with certainty
that what you have been searching for
is this reality, the reality of what you are.

You never have to leave from here.
If you feel lost, accidentally, just be willing
to retrace these steps.

Healing continues to take place on so many levels
as you cherish your identity as love.

Now, as a finely tuned instrument
you are playing your perfect part in the cosmic orchestra.

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