The Earth Lives

March 9, 2005

The earth lives.*
The earth is sacred.
The earth is your body.
Constantly she is ending signals to you.
Listen deeply so you can be in resonance, in partnership with this wise one who is in charge of the transformation.

White Buffalo Calf Maiden is handing you the pipe.
Consider to smoke it, with respect, to purify — to support the awakening of all beings.

May your prayers go forth in all directions and circle the globe many times and then come back into your heart where they came from.

All of you are being asked once again to start afresh closer in alignment with your true nature.

This is less hard than you think. It means going with the flow, going with the times, going with evolution.

Once you say yes, a new set of circumstances is being activated totally in synch with your willingness to show up.

Your practice of sitting together in silence bonds you very deeply with yourself, with each other and with the earth.

* On March 8 and 9 enormous plumes of smoke came out of Mount St. Helens, a volcanic mountain close to Portland.

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