The Chartres Transmissions, 5

The Chartres Transmissions (July 4-9, 2006)

© Inspired Guidance through Frank Coppieters as part of the seminar in Chartres, France “Coming Home to the Heart.”

Day 5, July 8th 2006
Like salt in the ocean
Divine Mother is dissolving herself in you.
Through you she is reseeding the consciousness on planet earth.

The old structures will not be able to recognize you.
Their training is in separation and rejection.
Your strength is union and inclusion.

Mary Magdalen, the woman of the well, is oiling your feet
so you bring splendor wherever you walk.
Your task is lighter than that of the disciples.
You are not asked to suffer.
Celebration is the hallmark of the new consciousness.

You love and tease and play with each other.
This creates true spiritual family.

You heal and meditate and chant.
You are the experiment.
You are the lab.
You are the opportunity.
The temple is inside of you.

As one of you goes deeper
the whole group goes higher.

The Archangels are lending their wings to you.
Be bold and fly high!

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