The Chartres Transmissions, 2

The Chartres Transmissions (July 4-9, 2006)

© Inspired Guidance through Frank Coppieters as part of the seminar in Chartres, France “Coming Home to the Heart.”

Day 2, July 5th 2006
Everyone on earth is affected by the energy of change.
Even the children are responding to this quickening.
There is great excitement and a fair amount of fear.
Will the center hold?
Know the center of your real Self as silence, love and compassion.
Knowing this acts as a solid, stabilizing force.

Your spiritual practices are connecting you to the center.
Choose at least one that suits your own nature.
It may change as you change.
Also, as you evolve you will hold sacred space for more people.
This task is not a labor but an honor protected by Divine Mother.

The Crypt holds the energy of the unconscious.
It is a place of alchemy and deep mystery.
Go there right now in your meditation and start your exploration.
It is a voyage to the underworld, to that which has not taken form yet.
Here Isis, the great Egyptian goddess of healing, is your loving guide.

There are places all over the planet that form one large grid work.
When a group of light workers goes there with pure intent,
an activation is taking place.
Allow this activation within your own body.

Chartres has been a place of initiation since pagan times.
It still serves this function.
It connects the old with the new.
In the new the female joins the masculine.
Together they form the Sacred Heart.

You ARE this Sacred Heart!

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