That Time is Now. Rejoice!

December 12, 2012

Allow the portal inside of you to open.

You are entitled to the exquisite perfection
and fullness of consciousness.

This is always so
and there are favorable moments
when the strength of your aspiration
is met by a very sacred benediction.

So many of you have been sincere
in walking a path of self-inquiry
so that more light would become available to everyone.

That time is now.

The cosmic forces are working on your behalf.
12.12.12 is symbolic on the calendar
and encourages you to step into your divinity.

The work is far from finished.
Everyone’s potential has a deep desire to blossom.

As you step through the doorway
the whole field is being activated.

Life on planet earth is precious.
You are the custodians, the guardians, the protectors.

Magnificent manifestations of light and sound
are steering the evolution.
They are happy with your conscious cooperation.

Can you sense that creation is happening in this moment
and that you are giving birth to her?

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