March 19 - 22, 2020

Again the Gearhart Retreat is taking place since the Lodge has not sold yet:

From Thursday March 19 with Dinner to Sunday March 22, 10.45am.

"Celebrating our Real Nature through Reiki, Shamanism, Inspired Guidance and Sitting together in Truth."

Cost (workshop fee, all food and lodging): $450.
Our cook is Tom Strange!

Non- refundable deposit: $100.

Send to Frank Coppieters, 5440 SW Florida Street, Portland, OR 97219.

Retreats with Frank and Kathy in Belgium

Every year we offer residential retreats in a macrobiotic center off the beaten track in the woods in the deep south of Belgium, close to the famous abbey of Orval.

Look at the pastoral scenery on The classes are also listed on (East West Center).

These classes are in Dutch and English with translation by Frank whenever needed.