Manifestation Follows Sacred Intention

November 30, 2011

When you pay attention
you can become aware, in the present moment,
of a luminous vastness without any boundaries.

There is zero distance
between this vastness and your true nature.

This experience is at the heart of any meditation, any prayer, any healing.
It teaches you the omnipotence of a love without conditions,
available whenever you care to invite it.

Your openness is the invitation.

Most powerfully, even a slight opening in the heart,
nudges you in the right direction.

What a beautiful process.
Manifestation follows sacred intention.
Intention sanctifies action.

Any glimpse will do to help you reclaim what you always have been –
Love resting in love.

As you are reclaiming your sacred identity
you are serving humbly and directly the purpose of God’s creation.

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