Love the Real Self

December 3, 2008

Thoughts of fear,
thoughts of lack and limitation
are not good company to keep.
They obscure the light of your true self
which is able to shine brilliantly
every single moment.

Thoughts of peace and perfection,
thoughts of harmony and love
and abundance for everyone
bring you closer to your real self
since they reflect it.

And there is the joy of having no thoughts at all.
Just being.
Just resting in the eternity of the true self.

There are no problems here
since you are one with love.
Even the world is your oyster.
This perception will hold
for as long as you abide in the true self.

If some situation were to trigger you
and you feel yourself falling back into separation
then, and only then, is the time to start your investigation.
Who is falling back into separation?
This simple investigation will reestablish you into oneness
with yourself and with the rest of the universe.

Love the real self.
It is all you are anyway.
You share it with everyone and everything.
It is so sacred.

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