Let There Be Light

May 3, 2013

Let there be light, everywhere, lots of light.

Physically, in the body, from the tips of your toes
to the top of your crown and all around,
a sense of wellbeing and a very pleasant relaxation.

And beyond the physical, into endless space….

Do not be upset about unwanted thoughts.
Let them be.
They evaporate in this space anyway.

As you become one with this endless space of light
you may be able to detect a faint heartbeat
of Mother Earth still giving you a center.

When the train of thoughts stops
get off the train.
Let it depart without you.

What are you anyway?
Let the light take you.
Let love disperse you.

No more images now of what you might be.
Unobstructed awareness of awareness itself.

Before the galaxies came into being
you already were this.

When you do identify with this
rather than with something limited
it is natural to be in bliss.

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