Intelligent Consciousness

May 13, 2005

Become aware of the presence, within yourself, of an inner teacher.

This is the intelligent consciousness that looks through your eyes and sees your life as a string of meaningful events all designed to take you to your destiny as a being of pure love.

You can relax now. The dark is not an enemy of the light. Everything is embraced on this journey of awakening.

It helps to accept what arises in you. Your inner teacher is not a judge. What you accept has less power over you than what you oppose.

Deep healing takes place when you accept what is. You did not create yourself but you can choose to love yourself.

Many teachings are available now to help you. The words of the Buddha and the Christ are finally freed from dogma and doctrine.

They shine, as you do, in a fresh and sacred frequency. Take them into your heart.

There is no self.

There is no other.

All is one.

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