Do You Want to Be the Wave or the Ocean?

May 1, 2009

Energetically, emotionally and spiritually
meditation is a loving way to rebalance yourself.
It is the sacred art of alchemy.

Initially your attention becomes aware
of a certain amount of agitation running through your system.
This gentle awareness is enough
to help you to bring everything back to balance
and lead you to peace and harmony.

The next step is much deeper and very liberating.
Here you notice that typically you define yourself
as a limited and separate entity.
What is asked of you is to surrender
this assumed entity to the larger presence
in which it appears.

As you step through this portal
you will experience that this presence
has no boundaries whatsoever.

It takes effort to maintain yourself as a separate entity.
It is very easy to merge with presence.

The choice is always the same….
Do you want to be the wave or the ocean?

The ocean never rejects.
It accepts and shares its depth of peace with everyone.

In true alchemy the gold is not the goal.
It is the enjoyment of the process of refinement.

Despite all appearances
beyond the beyond and always now
your awakening is happening.
That you can trust.

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