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Take a step into my shoes as a person who is curious about the many amazing facets of life. I've packed in some of my experiences as well as interviews with people who have made an impact on my life and their communities. My hope is that you learn something new, get inspired or just plainly entertained. I'm your host Bryan Cargill and I'll be guiding you along the way. Reiki is a Japanese traditional practice that focuses on energy healing in the body. You may be familiar with Chakras from Hindu culture or "chi" from the Chinese - these are energy balances in the body. What I hoped to do with my session is to have a new experience and see for myself what this experience is like and if I could get some of my own personal understanding.


Inspired Guidance March 27th, 2020

Frank has had a meditation practice for over 30 years and has often invited people to sit with him. On occasion he would open himself up to receive verbal guidance and speak it into the silence of the meditation. Shortly after the events of 9/11 he decided to record these and send them out over email in an attempt to share messages of light in a world that suddenly seemed to be even darker than before. Frank is currently holding public meditations two times a week. To receive the "inspired guidance" as they come through just contact Frank by email. Feel free to quote this material with reference to its source. The live transmission of the Inspired Guidance is made possible by the support of Reiki Home.


Reiki Home

An Unfolding Journey

Reiki Home is an alive, growing community inspired by the daily practice of Reiki. It brings Reikistas* together as an intentional, global community engaged in Reiki in Action. (*Reikistas is Spanish for people who study, practice, and receive Reiki.)

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