Let There Be Light

May 3, 2013

Let there be light, everywhere, lots of light.

Physically, in the body, from the tips of your toes
to the top of your crown and all around,
a sense of wellbeing and a very pleasant relaxation.

And beyond the physical, into endless space….

Do not be upset about unwanted thoughts.
Let them be.
They evaporate in this space anyway.

As you become one with this endless space of light
you may be able to detect a faint heartbeat
of Mother Earth still giving you a center.

When the train of thoughts stops
get off the train.
Let it depart without you.

What are you anyway?
Let the light take you.
Let love disperse you.

No more images now of what you might be.
Unobstructed awareness of awareness itself.

Before the galaxies came into being
you already were this.

When you do identify with this
rather than with something limited
it is natural to be in bliss.


That Time is Now. Rejoice!

December 12, 2012

Allow the portal inside of you to open.

You are entitled to the exquisite perfection
and fullness of consciousness.

This is always so
and there are favorable moments
when the strength of your aspiration
is met by a very sacred benediction.

So many of you have been sincere
in walking a path of self-inquiry
so that more light would become available to everyone.

That time is now.

The cosmic forces are working on your behalf.
12.12.12 is symbolic on the calendar
and encourages you to step into your divinity.

The work is far from finished.
Everyone’s potential has a deep desire to blossom.

As you step through the doorway
the whole field is being activated.

Life on planet earth is precious.
You are the custodians, the guardians, the protectors.

Magnificent manifestations of light and sound
are steering the evolution.
They are happy with your conscious cooperation.

Can you sense that creation is happening in this moment
and that you are giving birth to her?


Can You Let Love in at this Moment?

December 7, 2012

Your willingness to be truly loving towards yourself
brings about a reversal of all the conditioning
you have been subjected to.

You should give this an honest try.
You will see that it is the beginning
of a miraculous journey of transformation.

Initially there will still be voices of opposition,
of criticism and cynicism.
Do not worry.
They will lose their tightening grip on you.

What concerns you is always this moment
and only this moment.
Can you let love in at this moment?

As you embrace yourself more deeply
it becomes easy to accept and cherish the people around you.

Love is the universal key.
Everyone wants to love and to be loved.

It is never too late to love.
Again, this moment is all there is.

Love attracts love and creates more of itself.
Love is naturally abundant.

Love loves to express itself in poetic language
and resonates most clearly in the silence of the heart.


Brightness Illuminates the Ordinary

August 24, 2012

The deep peace that comes to you
while you are contemplating what you really are
actually IS what you really are.
This insight alone is guaranteed to take you home,
again and again and again.

Going home to the love that you already are
is the oldest, the most magnificent and the boldest voyage
available throughout the cosmos.
All the sages will tell you:
this is the only one worth the undertaking.

Brightness illuminates the ordinary.
Doors open into the extraordinary.
The eyes of love perceive everything as one.

Seeking — finding – becoming – being.
Each part of your journey has its own beauty.
Each one provides you with profound healing.

If you would know how many angels, guides and teachers
are accompanying you during each step
you would not worry about the outcome.
You would be in deep surrender, right now.

Each one of you has walked this path before.
You even remember some signposts.
This time you are walking all the way.

Relax about the journey.
Relax about yourself.
You are completely lovable as you are.
Knowing that and trusting that is the great gift of coming home.


The Most Wonderful Gift to Yourself

April 27, 2012

The most wonderful gift to yourself
is to allow plenty of room in your heart
to receive the embrace of your true nature.

To facilitate this you could invoke
any image of the Divine that touches you,
any guide or teacher you feel close to,
or any unity experience that has ever come to you.

One more step may prove to be useful –
gently suggest to your little me, the me of the personality
to recede in the background
and invite the love that you are
to fully occupy the foreground.

Now, truly, you are standing on solid ground.
You are connecting to eternity

and you know with certainty
that what you have been searching for
is this reality, the reality of what you are.

You never have to leave from here.
If you feel lost, accidentally, just be willing
to retrace these steps.

Healing continues to take place on so many levels
as you cherish your identity as love.

Now, as a finely tuned instrument
you are playing your perfect part in the cosmic orchestra.


Manifestation Follows Sacred Intention

November 30, 2011

When you pay attention
you can become aware, in the present moment,
of a luminous vastness without any boundaries.

There is zero distance
between this vastness and your true nature.

This experience is at the heart of any meditation, any prayer, any healing.
It teaches you the omnipotence of a love without conditions,
available whenever you care to invite it.

Your openness is the invitation.

Most powerfully, even a slight opening in the heart,
nudges you in the right direction.

What a beautiful process.
Manifestation follows sacred intention.
Intention sanctifies action.

Any glimpse will do to help you reclaim what you always have been –
Love resting in love.

As you are reclaiming your sacred identity
you are serving humbly and directly the purpose of God’s creation.


You are Never Separate from the Universe

August 5, 2011

All of you, at some point in your life,
seemingly out of nowhere,
received the sacred impulse of awakening
to your true nature.

By now you certainly have noticed
that trying to force this process is counterproductive
and it is very helpful to humbly and sweetly surrender
into asking the kind of help that is always available.

The universe is in favor of any loving request
and responds with the same kind of love
many, many times multiplied.

You are never separate from the universe.
While you enter into meditation
and busyness becomes emptiness
and emptiness becomes fullness
this is now your own experience.

This is a form of awakening.
It creates a field of presence
which is no longer so vulnerable
to all kinds of distractions.

This is called the presence of the Lord.
It is the end of all searching.
It is abiding in your true Self.

Thousands of beings are finding shelter in this presence.
All of them are you.

Even the world is finding some shelter in your silence,
in your kindness and definitely in your love.

Live in peace
and wherever you go
the miracle of peace will precede you.


The World is Impermanent. Love is Not.

March 11, 2011

(this guidance came the morning after the tsunami struck)

When disaster strikes persistent prayer
is the appropriate response.

Visualize the earth and everything that dwells on it
as interconnected through a sacred love
that can never be extinguished.

Connect your heart with the heart of Green Tara,
Mother Mary, Kuan Yin, Isis, Avelokitesvara —
embodiments of healing and compassion.

The quality of empathy opens your heart chakra,
transforms suffering and makes you into a better being.

Through all this you will notice
how much support there really is.

Every event in your own life can be handled in the same way.
Pray, go inside for guidance, trust the Divine to inspire you.

The world is impermanent.
Love is not.

Know that you are love.


Do You Want to Be the Wave or the Ocean?

May 1, 2009

Energetically, emotionally and spiritually
meditation is a loving way to rebalance yourself.
It is the sacred art of alchemy.

Initially your attention becomes aware
of a certain amount of agitation running through your system.
This gentle awareness is enough
to help you to bring everything back to balance
and lead you to peace and harmony.

The next step is much deeper and very liberating.
Here you notice that typically you define yourself
as a limited and separate entity.
What is asked of you is to surrender
this assumed entity to the larger presence
in which it appears.

As you step through this portal
you will experience that this presence
has no boundaries whatsoever.

It takes effort to maintain yourself as a separate entity.
It is very easy to merge with presence.

The choice is always the same….
Do you want to be the wave or the ocean?

The ocean never rejects.
It accepts and shares its depth of peace with everyone.

In true alchemy the gold is not the goal.
It is the enjoyment of the process of refinement.

Despite all appearances
beyond the beyond and always now
your awakening is happening.
That you can trust.


Love the Real Self

December 3, 2008

Thoughts of fear,
thoughts of lack and limitation
are not good company to keep.
They obscure the light of your true self
which is able to shine brilliantly
every single moment.

Thoughts of peace and perfection,
thoughts of harmony and love
and abundance for everyone
bring you closer to your real self
since they reflect it.

And there is the joy of having no thoughts at all.
Just being.
Just resting in the eternity of the true self.

There are no problems here
since you are one with love.
Even the world is your oyster.
This perception will hold
for as long as you abide in the true self.

If some situation were to trigger you
and you feel yourself falling back into separation
then, and only then, is the time to start your investigation.
Who is falling back into separation?
This simple investigation will reestablish you into oneness
with yourself and with the rest of the universe.

Love the real self.
It is all you are anyway.
You share it with everyone and everything.
It is so sacred.


You are Heaven and Earth

October 8, 2008

How wonderful to know
that as consciousness you are eternal.
It puts everything immediately into a peaceful perspective.

You are the rivers and the oceans.
You are heaven and earth.
You are what you always have been…
even prior to birth.

Meditating without a goal.
Doing without doing.
Teaching and speaking without words.
You are Love itself.

Millions and millions
both inside and outside religions
are letting go of ego identification
and are finding gradual or sudden illumination.

What a beautiful transformation…
day by day, moment by moment,
realizing when you look at yourself
with new and loving eyes:
“ I am not ruled by anything except by the Absolute
and that’s what I am.”

The Tao spells it out clearly:
Heaven’s net is vast
and though its mesh is wide, it catches everything.
You are everything!

Everyone who comes to visit planet earth
is in search of true love.
Once you see that
darkness dispels,
fears recedes
and compassion fills your heart.


True Love Never Dies

April 18, 2007

All your loved ones have gifted you with their essence.
Some already left their form.
Their love supports you now – as much as ever.

True love never dies.
It is consciousness recognizing itself in the other as one.

Call all your loved ones into your presence, one by one,
and meditate together.
It moves away the bonds of time and space
and gives you a taste of eternity.

Objects always come and go.
As eternal subject you are transcendental.

Thoughts are objects too.
In between the thoughts there are gaps.
That’s where presence finds you.

This witnessing presence is weaving a blanket of love
and wrapping it around everyone who needs it.

On the earthly plane and on the invisible planes
some are weaving a blanket of love for you.
To be a vulnerable and grateful recipient is your gift to them.


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