Can You Let Love in at this Moment?

December 7, 2012

Your willingness to be truly loving towards yourself
brings about a reversal of all the conditioning
you have been subjected to.

You should give this an honest try.
You will see that it is the beginning
of a miraculous journey of transformation.

Initially there will still be voices of opposition,
of criticism and cynicism.
Do not worry.
They will lose their tightening grip on you.

What concerns you is always this moment
and only this moment.
Can you let love in at this moment?

As you embrace yourself more deeply
it becomes easy to accept and cherish the people around you.

Love is the universal key.
Everyone wants to love and to be loved.

It is never too late to love.
Again, this moment is all there is.

Love attracts love and creates more of itself.
Love is naturally abundant.

Love loves to express itself in poetic language
and resonates most clearly in the silence of the heart.

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