Brightness Illuminates the Ordinary

August 24, 2012

The deep peace that comes to you
while you are contemplating what you really are
actually IS what you really are.
This insight alone is guaranteed to take you home,
again and again and again.

Going home to the love that you already are
is the oldest, the most magnificent and the boldest voyage
available throughout the cosmos.
All the sages will tell you:
this is the only one worth the undertaking.

Brightness illuminates the ordinary.
Doors open into the extraordinary.
The eyes of love perceive everything as one.

Seeking — finding – becoming – being.
Each part of your journey has its own beauty.
Each one provides you with profound healing.

If you would know how many angels, guides and teachers
are accompanying you during each step
you would not worry about the outcome.
You would be in deep surrender, right now.

Each one of you has walked this path before.
You even remember some signposts.
This time you are walking all the way.

Relax about the journey.
Relax about yourself.
You are completely lovable as you are.
Knowing that and trusting that is the great gift of coming home.

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