October 8, 2008

How wonderful to know
that as consciousness you are eternal.
It puts everything immediately into a peaceful perspective.

You are the rivers and the oceans.
You are heaven and earth.
You are what you always have been…
even prior to birth.

Meditating without a goal.
Doing without doing.
Teaching and speaking without words.
You are Love itself.

Millions and millions
both inside and outside religions
are letting go of ego identification
and are finding gradual or sudden illumination.

What a beautiful transformation…
day by day, moment by moment,
realizing when you look at yourself
with new and loving eyes:
“ I am not ruled by anything except by the Absolute
and that’s what I am.”

The Tao spells it out clearly:
Heaven’s net is vast
and though its mesh is wide, it catches everything.
You are everything!

Everyone who comes to visit planet earth
is in search of true love.
Once you see that
darkness dispels,
fears recedes
and compassion fills your heart.