March 7, 2002

The great unknown is preparing all of you to step beyond yourself into the mystery of divine love.

In this preparation you will be asked to let go of what is not love.

Letting go is simply seeing what no longer serves the highest good.

Ask “what is the highest good?” and guidance will be given you.

Guidance comes from the source which, in your heart, you have never left.

You cannot leave what you are. Such is divine law.

Divine law has been established beyond time and can be accessed in the eternal now.

Living in this now is what you came to learn.

Learning is healing, forgiving and remembering who you are.

Who you are is beyond time, space, and even consciousness.

It is time for humanity to put all its attention into penetrating into the mystery of its purpose.

The purpose of life cannot be strife or injustice.
Look for another way. Only you can find it within the circumstances of your own life.