Invite Divine Presence to Reveal to You

August 21, 2013

Do yourself a great favor
and set all your worries to the side.
Really, all of them.

Now surrender your heart to love.
Invite divine presence to reveal to you
the mystery of your true self.

Your true self is not bound by the limitations
of time or space.

It was there before your body formed itself.
It will be there after the dissolution of your body.
It is there right now.

Some saints or sages are so strongly established in this self
that there seems to be a shining halo around them.
In essence your true self is not different at all.

As you are yielding to this,
as it is taking over,
there is a combined sense of deep love, peace, power, spaciousness
and a tremendous humbleness in the face of the mystery.

It is part of your training to learn how to live from this place.

Even though you are stepping into unknown territory
something in you already knows this is the way to go.

Nothing else makes much sense.
Love is the way to be.

Know that this is the truth about you.

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