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Katherine Melcher LCSW
LIVING LIGHT - Counseling for Wholeness
5440 SW Florida Street
Portland, Oregon 97219 
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Therapy is a journey of self. What the self is becomes the inquiry, “Who Am I?”

Depressed and anxious people, people with difficulty in relationship, people with occupational stress, or individuals with childhood trauma can often think they are their problems. In the therapeutic journey people learn they are much larger than what they are currently experiencing through a process of understanding and insight that brings them more fully present in the here and now.

I practice from a Transpersonal perspective. The Transpersonal is a school of psychology that studies the self-transcendent or spiritual aspects of the human experience. Within that perspective I use a number of tools from the disciplines of Interpersonal psychology, Jungian and Gestalt psychology, Cognitive Behavioral therapy, Dialectical Behavioral therapy, Shamanism, Reiki and Meditation to help people gain insight into how to free themselves from the narrow confines of their symptoms and self definitions. In working this way, I strive to help people to use the gifts they have to liberate their consciousness and move it to a broader perspective. I work with people of all faiths and no-faiths, of all ages and disciplines to achieve a sense of oneness and wholeness. Realizing that all beings seek unity, I welcome individuals, couples and families to this sacred practice. Blessings and best wishes to all.

There is only one way to know the Self
And that is to realize him yourself.
The ignorant think the Self can be known
By the intellect, but the illumined
Knows he is beyond the duality
Of the knower and the known.
The self is realized in a higher state
Of consciousness when you have broken through
The wrong identification that you are
The body, subject to birth and death.
To be the Self is to go beyond death.
Realize the Self, the shining goal of life!
If you do not, there is only darkness.
See the Self in All, and go beyond death. - The Kena Upanishad

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