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An interview with Frank that appeared in the June/July 2005 edition of Reiki Magazine. English version (pdf). Dutch version (pdf).
"Healing Hands - A Reiki Story" by Frank
Birth of a Shaman by Boyd Martin - article appeared in Vibrant Living
Joska Soos one of Frank's Shamanic teachers

Joska Soos is an authentic European representative of a long and respected shamanic lineage, the Basci, and at the same time a herald of the new Aquarian Age. Examples of Joska's unique and beautiful artistic style are shown here.

Joska comes from an old shaman clan in Hungary. He was born in a small village there in 1921. Delivered at birth with the mystical caul around his head he showed exceptional sensitivity to sound and color from a very early age. As a child he was taken under the wings by the 70 year old local shaman, Tamas Bacsi, who became his teacher and took him through various initiations.

After the war, Joska ended up in Belgium and as a refugee. Not eager to live in communist ruled Hungary, he signed a five year contract to work in the coal mines. Even though this would jeopardize his health for a long time to come, being under the ground, and often staying there while his colleagues would go back up for their lunchtime, turned out to be the perfect place for his shamanic vision to deepen and develop. It was during this period that his incredibly beautiful and powerful shamanic paintings began and would eventually find their way in many exhibitions and private collections. Even today Joska is producing new works reflecting new aspects of his inner development.

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