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Handbook for the Evolving Heart

$24.50 (includes shipping)

"The blessing of one glimpse of truth allows the heart to open and is enough to propel you onto your journey ..." In 2000, Frank Coppieters began receiving inspired guidance in his public meditations. Shortly after the events of 9/11 he decided to record the words and teachings as they came through and send them out to a world that suddenly seemed darker than before. These inspired messages, which continue to be delivered, are collected here for the first time. Click to read more (pdf). You may also purchase by check. Mail to: Frank Coppieters 5440 SW Florida Street, Portland, OR 97219

Reactions to “Handbook for the Evolving Heart”

“I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how powerful, beautiful, inspirational, and comforting Handbook for the Evolving Heart is. I have read it and re-read it, each time newly grateful that you found the time and inspiration to write. What a gift you have, and have given to so many.” (Ann Wall Frank, Portland, Oregon)

“It’s interesting to me that when you do the book readings that gorgeous energy comes down – it happens to me every time I pick up the book – I have read it lots and it brings about a big change in vibration or awareness or whatever you like to call it. Actually I just have to think about the book and its contents and I am aware of a change of energy. You have produced something really exquisite. CONGRATULATIONS.” (Jennifer Dowling, Victoria, Australia)

“Handbook for the Evolving Heart is the kind of book you open when your vision is not so clear. Let the pages fall open as they will, and you’ll likely read exactly what you need to hear.” (Barbara McDaniel, Reiki Magazine International)

“The book is an immensely pure guide for me. It brings me directly to my center. And how beautiful sometimes with just one sentence. Unbelievable, Frank. It is not because it is you that I am saying this...the power emanating from this book and its energetic value...it is one of the most powerful books I have ever laid my hands on! I see it flying around the world very rapidly and powerfully and transform the energy on the earth.” (Mieke Benton, Bend, Oregon)

“My heart is in deep love...that is my best expression of the palpable emotion that takes me over when holding your most precious book. For so long, your Inspired Guidance has completely touched my heart and I have been grateful for the wisdom and teachings that you have shared with us all. Tommy and I receive them and share (usually through tears & smiles) with one another about how “timely” each one always is – with such a divinely inspired message that if feels like it fell out of heaven and found its way through you, just for us – like special delivery from God through one of his most beloved messengers. I am aware that many, many others experienced similar synchronization with the messages and the events in their lives – the incredible insights and gifts have always been such nurturing and soothing encouragements to the spirit. This book is a gracious gift of your willingness to be present with Spirit and to share that light with the world. Thank you.” (Leslie Harris, Sandy, Oregon)

“Each morning before my meditation and each evening before I go to sleep I read a few passages from your book, and these words inspire and move me, each time again.” (Sophie Sleeckx, Antwerpen, Belgium)

“Your book is helping me. I read a text every so often. Before that I ask first: what could help me now, support me or throw light on a certain issue, and then I open it to a page...and usually it does.” (Veronique Maes, De Pinte, Belgium)

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