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Inspired Guidance

February 12, 2003
Personality is a prison only if you think that’s who you are.
Otherwise it’s a perfect form to fulfill your purpose here.

When your senses are alert a new world will manifest in your field of attention.

To be miracle minded is simply to ascend to a higher level of perception.

Meditation is part of your quest for divinity.
It helps you to shed many layers of density.

Your journey will always have peaks and valleys.
Never take any of that too personal.

Advance one single step from the busy mind to the silent heart
and awakening is the natural outcome.

Your tone is so unique.
Being who you are completes the celestial harmony.

September 17, 2003
St. Francis can assist you here.
Your heart can ease everybody’s pain, including your own, by listening patiently and in peace.

Whomever you receive in the heart makes you into the rich one.
There are many mansions in your home.

Surrendering to divine inspiration is like taking a shower in golden light.

Greet yourself as love in everyone you meet.
This is the quickest way to paradise on earth.

Silence is not loneliness.
Very soon you share company with animals and plants and rocks and angels, all aspects of the One Self.

What divides you always starts from some concept.
What unites you is truth itself.

By the end of your meditation some of your cells have shifted their consciousness.
They will help you to discover who you are now and what you have come to do.

September 24, 2003
Reverse the curse of thinking obsessively by taking refuge in the one who witnesses all that is.

You have been this witness since time began but now you are becoming conscious that this is who you really are.

As a witness you may feel even more than before but gone is the limitation of identification.

Every person in your life has something to teach you and you have something precious for them.
That is the beauty of the human experiment.

Sitting silently
doing nothing your nervous system relaxes
the chakras become balanced
and the life force is revitalized.

September 26, 2003
In the course of your meditation see each of your chakras as a colorful lotus flower.
Let them open one by one and very soon you will be drunk on the divine.

Each chakra contains a multiverse of possibilities and many, many teachings.

Exploring this inner landscape is like discovering the whole Garden of Eden within yourself.

It will not be long now before this vision will expand to include all the beings around you.

Let the heart be in charge of keeping the inner lens of perception free from dust into an open window into beauty and truth.

Awareness is already fully operational within you.
Can you become aware of this awareness?
This may sound tricky, yet it is very simple.

These are the times when many seekers are galvanizing each other into higher consciousness.
Like a swarm of bees buzzing each other into ecstasy.

In case of doubt about your function here: holding a steady field of loving presence is your greatest contribution on this earthly plane.

October 15, 2003
Check for yourself:
is there any validity in the belief that full awakening would not be available to you right now, in this moment?
Who is holding this belief and who is the one watching this belief in action?

The one who is watching is limitless and has been watching since the beginning of time.

This watching is as natural as a gentle morning rain – no effort, no intention – it just is.

Every single raindrop reaches its final destiny.
Why do you think you may not be on the right track?

You are blessed many times over for being with your self.
Greater treasure you will never find.

Do you know who walks with you?
Just asking yourself this question will open your heart in a new way.

Continue your meditation today beyond the quiet time.
The watcher is still watching.

October 17, 2003
You came here to participate in the galactic event of transforming the substance of matter within the earth atmosphere.

Some of the decisions in your own life are mere reflections of this larger context.
You are following the call of Divine Mother.

It is not necessary to understand the nature of these promptings but it is useful to see the relevance of your own contribution.

During your meditations a gradual shift occurs.
This shift is beyond your own grasp.
What is dark and meaningless is replaced by the light of your own purpose.

Many of your relations are reconfigurations of past associations.
Now they all serve the common purpose of this great transformation.

There is no separation between you and the divine impulse.
You are it!

October 24, 2003
Amazing healing happens once the heart hears what it is here for.

It is not here to shut down but to open to ever increasing levels of vulnerability and sensitivity.

Such a heart is also courageous and does not question why it was called here.

Think of the future generations whose ancestors you are and your heart will leap with joy and nothing that is asked of you will be too much.

Such a vision has been held in high honor by the native people whose land you share.

Eagle and buffalo are praying with you to revive the spirit of this land.

Do not disappoint the children. They need your direction as elders.

A brave heart is always willing to die by looking fear straight into the eye.

To prepare yourself to die ask the question: who am I?

October 31, 2003
The personality is not the proper self.
It needs to step back so the eternal self can shine forth bright and clear.

All your inner work has brought you to this point: handing over of ego to essence.

Each of you embodies a quality of divine essence.
You came here to share this and also to receive.

As the light refractures in various colors your essence delights in many manifestations.

All these are aspects of the One.
You are always the many and the One.

Where love abides the One operates to reveal little self to eternal self.

Though this law is ancient its application in the world has hardly begun.
But the winds of change are here since you are here.

November 7, 2003 (Note: This was the day before the “Harmonic Concordance”)
Two cosmic triangles are opening a doorway into the unknown.
Your key is dissolving the little self into the oceanic self.

As above so below.
The finest light is reaching all the molecules of matter.
In this penetration lies the birth of a new configuration.

When the star of David twinkles you too live in a long lineage of kings.
Your throne is the cosmic heart.

Aligned with this force nothing is too small for your undertaking.

Bury the sword, open the heart and speak your truth.
Your planet needs you – now!

This transformation starts with you.
Have no hesitation.
Give it all your dedication.

March 22, 2004
Awakening is your birthright and your destiny.
It arises spontaneously as a beautiful spring blossom when the time has come.

This is nothing special and yet so extraordinary
that only in the silence it can be fathomed.

It cannot be obtained through the will
but by being very innocent and relaxed
and by knowing who you really are.

You can help each other by refraining from judgment
and seeing your friend as beauty, love and truth.

This will open your own heart into its natural state of strength and vulnerability.

Doubt is not useful.
Trust is and surrender and disappearing into a deep stillness.

The new consciousness is emerging simultaneously in many places all over the planet.
It is also happening through you in its own unique way.

December 30, 2002
A new consciousness is finally emerging within the very marrow of your bones.
It is replacing compulsive thinking with silence, fear with love and separation with union. This is humanity’s silent revolution.

The unseen realms are overseeing this process. They commune with you through insight and the elevation of your vibration.

More and more you will intuit what is true for you and live accordingly.

Such a life displays a divine design and is of service both to you and the higher plan.

All events are very welcome then since they all help your transformation.

Awakening is seeing through the illusion of the world and blessing it with your clarity.

The path is not difficult to find. It is wherever you have chosen to show up as the love that you are.

You are never alone.
Behind every single one of you stands a lineage of enlightened ones.

Your authentic nature needs deep silence to replenish itself.
This is a wise use of your time.

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