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Inspired Guidance

November 15, 2006
Once you are sincere in your search for truth
it draws you as a magnet
and directs you to your true destiny. 

Every event in your life in this perspective is meaningful
and provides you with an opportunity on your path. 

You have the strange sensation of never being alone.
Out of nowhere people appear
to help you with the next piece of the puzzle. 

This plan is not of your making.
It would require knowledge
of the time and space coordinates.
It is divine reality superimposing itself on ordinary reality
so humanity can awaken to the mystery of creation.

You cannot figure out the scope of the plan
nor do you have to.
There is tremendous joy embracing your specific part
since you have prepared for it for so long. 

Let love carry you to your destiny.
In this way you can enjoy each moment of the journey. 

Now your life has become prayer and fulfillment
in all things – great and small,
in all people – distant and close.

September 8, 2006
As a person you are contracted in habitual thinking.
As consciousness you are open awareness.
You are a flute on the lips of the divine
eager to sing a song, your song
or to simply rejuvenate resting in silence.

The shift from the personal to the impersonal changes everything.
There is no goal.
There is spontaneity.
There is no interest in results.
There is an ongoing deepening into what is.

Since there is no investment and no expectations
there is tranquility and serenity,
grasping that somehow things are in order
and that you abide in perfection.

Out of this peace action may come or not.
If it does it will reflect its source
and be of great benefit to all and everything.

Some of you will heal.
Some of you will help the children.
All of you will find right livelihood.

It takes courage to let go of your defenses.
What you gain is beyond words.

Many before you have made this shift.
It is now available as an evolutionary option.
It only requires your willing cooperation.

For a seeker of truth these are the best of times.
The earth itself is facilitating your awakening.

Let it happen.
It is already unfolding.
When the fruit is ripe, it drops from the tree.

The Chartres Transmissions (July 4-9, 2006)
© Inspired Guidance through Frank Coppieters as part of the seminar in Chartres, France “Coming Home to the Heart”.

Day 1, July 4th 2006
Very gently release your thoughts.
Let them float away like little balloons in the air.
What remains is an openness, very soft, very receptive.
In this openness Divine Mother is calling you.
All of you are her children.
All of you are equally important.
It is your privilege to experience the immaculate heart.

You bring to this circle your history,
your memories of many lifetimes
and your deep desire for inner peace.

This time you took form not to fail but to succeed.
In the chakra system Chartres represents the heart.
What blocks the heart is past conditioning and reactivity.
Be very gentle with all of this.

All of you have been here many times.
Today in the cathedral you will rediscover some of these connections.

Now is a good time to set an intention for yourself.
What would you like to receive this week?
What does your heart yearn for?
What is your contribution to the great work of transformation?
Trust that you are entitled to receive this gift.

The sacred is not only in the sky.
It is also in the earth.
Chartres is a portal between heaven and earth.

Throughout the ages hundreds of thousands of pilgrims have come here.
Their devotion is still here.
You are so blessed to be here.
The earth itself is welcoming you.
Be yourself!

Day 2, July 5th 2006
Everyone on earth is affected by the energy of change.
Even the children are responding to this quickening.
There is great excitement and a fair amount of fear.
Will the center hold?
Know the center of your real Self as silence, love and compassion.
Knowing this acts as a solid, stabilizing force.

Your spiritual practices are connecting you to the center.
Choose at least one that suits your own nature.
It may change as you change.
Also, as you evolve you will hold sacred space for more people.
This task is not a labor but an honor protected by Divine Mother.

The Crypt holds the energy of the unconscious.
It is a place of alchemy and deep mystery.
Go there right now in your meditation and start your exploration.
It is a voyage to the underworld, to that which has not taken form yet.
Here Isis, the great Egyptian goddess of healing, is your loving guide.

There are places all over the planet that form one large grid work.
When a group of light workers goes there with pure intent,
an activation is taking place.
Allow this activation within your own body.

Chartres has been a place of initiation since pagan times.
It still serves this function.
It connects the old with the new.
In the new the female joins the masculine.
Together they form the Sacred Heart.

You ARE this Sacred Heart!

Day 3, July 6th 2006
You have succeeded in purifying the channels converging in the heart.
As a beautiful dove the Christ consciousness has descended upon your group.
Become familiar with this taste of brilliancy and joy and spontaneous gratitude.
This is the manifestation of the intention of creation.

From now on you have become a vessel for the pure love of Divine Mother.
Be available for her healing work.
Source is flowing through you gently, powerfully and full of mercy.

You will be surprised by some of your actions and decisions.
They will no longer come out of need.
They will come from a deep respect for yourself and for all that is.

Three new pilgrims are arriving today.
They are your soul sisters.
As you receive them in your heart
your group will experience a fresh start.

This love is the miracle you have been waiting for.
It is not personal.
It has no preferences.
It is here to serve.

Blessed are the ones who are called.
Blessed are the ones who are able to respond to the call.
Blessed are the ones who are able to share.

Day 4, July 7th 2006
Walking the labyrinth is a way
of rewriting your programming
from the linear to the circular,
from repression to full expression,
from fear to love.

If you stumble into pockets of resistance
do not treat them as the enemy but as an ally
teaching you that the shadow
shows already tender shimmerings of the new light.

Enjoy the journey.
The end is already in the beginning.
Each of your steps is very sacred.

The Guardians of the labyrinth
are like giant cosmic entities
in charge of the mystery of evolution.

The rose in the center
reminds you of your complete perfection
as you already are – right now.

The Builders of the labyrinth are your ancestors.
They have left clues for future generations.
They knew you would be back here one day
to decipher the Grail.

Return to peace.
Return to the land of your soul.
The body is part of this process of illumination.
Each single cell can explode into luminous light.

You are that light!

Day 5, July 8th 2006
Like salt in the ocean
Divine Mother is dissolving herself in you.
Through you she is reseeding the consciousness on planet earth.

The old structures will not be able to recognize you.
Their training is in separation and rejection.
Your strength is union and inclusion.

Mary Magdalen, the woman of the well, is oiling your feet
so you bring splendor wherever you walk.
Your task is lighter than that of the disciples.
You are not asked to suffer.
Celebration is the hallmark of the new consciousness.

You love and tease and play with each other.
This creates true spiritual family.

You heal and meditate and chant.
You are the experiment.
You are the lab.
You are the opportunity.
The temple is inside of you.

As one of you goes deeper
the whole group goes higher.

The Archangels are lending their wings to you.
Be bold and fly high!

Day 6, July 9th 2006
The Celestial Beings that have visted you
are pledging themselves to keep you company
whenever you are able to take time for yourself.

Now comes your greatest test.
The world needs your love desperately
and you need the world to fulfill
the destiny of this particular incarnation.

Keep walking the labyrinth of life as a witness.
There are so many twists and turns.
The center is always inside of you.

You don’t need anything.
No scriptures, no structure.
You are a light unto yourself.
You have found your inner guru.

You have found what you came for.
It is sealed forever in the silence of your heart.

OM Namo Bhagavate, OM Namo Bhagavate, OM Namo Bhagavate

October 10, 2001
Always keep looking at the larger screen of consciousness.
This screen does not accept your projections.
It only reflects back to you your pure essence.

When the world is plunged in darkness, there is an immediate response from the higher planes of consciousness to simply remind you of what is.

To fear is to forget your unshakable nature and destiny as a light being.

No effort is required but a very clear alignment of your commitment to be in the center of divine harmony.

From the center of the cosmic heart there is no end to the love emanating towards you. Open all the cells of your being to receiving this pristine light.

As you are gathered in this light a recharging of the life current is taking place.
Let this force be very intoxicating, refreshing, nourishing to the depths of your soul.

Let a single drop of divine consciousness wipe away all your illusions.

The masters of wisdom and compassion are actively seeking your help to contribute to world peace. Receive their blessings, receive their inspiration, let them guide your actions.
Be in peace.

February 12, 2002
Divine Mother has her arms stretched around the planet, blessing all her children.
Invoking her presence is paying tribute to that in you which is ever forgiving
and nurturing of self and others.

Intimate communion with all that is, right here, right now, breaks up the loneliness of seeking.

What cannot be spoken of can still be intuited in the silence of the heart.

Even the sage turns to the divine for sustenance.
Why wouldn’t you?

You are love.
Remember that and all is well.

Without your presence the world would be a lesser place.

March 7, 2002
The great unknown is preparing all of you to step beyond yourself into the mystery of divine love.

In this preparation you will be asked to let go of what is not love.

Letting go is simply seeing what no longer serves the highest good.

Ask “what is the highest good?” and guidance will be given you.

Guidance comes from the source which, in your heart, you have never left.

You cannot leave what you are. Such is divine law.

Divine law has been established beyond time and can be accessed in the eternal now.

Living in this now is what you came to learn.

Learning is healing, forgiving and remembering who you are.

Who you are is beyond time, space, and even consciousness.

It is time for humanity to put all its attention into penetrating into the mystery of its purpose.

The purpose of life cannot be strife or injustice.
Look for another way. Only you can find it within the circumstances of your own life.

March 25, 2002
When the mind no more resists to what just is the heart will respond with wisdom and all is well – even now.

From the awakened perspective no circumstance in life is without merit or opportunity. What matters is your response to it.

In spite of all past programming your being can still claim full freedom.

The freedom to be oneself is priceless and does not rely on any outward circumstances.

What love calls forth from you will change circumstance into a treasured teaching.

A willing student accepts all of life as its teacher, especially this precious moment.

Any moment becomes very precious when it is fully embraced for what it is.

Silence is the language of the heart.

Compassion is the action of the heart.

Devotion to what is is the surrender of the heart.

May 2, 2002
You are the goal of this path: the recognition in your heart of the love that you are.

More often than not awakening is a gradual process in which you release the many identifications with what you are not. You are not the mind neither the body. Then the liberating question arises: who am I?

Let the investigation into ‘who am I’ reorient the foundation of all your perceptions.

Investigating who you are is not a mental process but a mystical merging with the mystery of existence itself.

Existence itself is the ground of all support but you need to be available to let it in.

Truth is so simple only the innocent heart can respond to it.

May 17, 2002
Ever so gently push yourself away from the busyness of mind.
Linear time becomes vertical and leads you onto a ladder to heaven.

Awakening is loving one’s self and seeing the other as the self.

Awakening in awareness is the next step of evolutionary consciousness.
It is much easier and more joyous to cooperate with this program than to resist it.

In meditation the little me dies into the splendor of the eternal self.

In the absence of any identification there is only you in the presence of God.

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