Truth is So Simple

May 2, 2002

You are the goal of this path: the recognition in your heart of the love that you are.

More often than not awakening is a gradual process in which you release the many identifications with what you are not. You are not the mind neither the body. Then the liberating question arises: who am I?

Let the investigation into ‘who am I’ reorient the foundation of all your perceptions.

Investigating who you are is not a mental process but a mystical merging with the mystery of existence itself.

Existence itself is the ground of all support but you need to be available to let it in.

Truth is so simple only the innocent heart can respond to it.


Freedom to Be Oneself

March 25, 2002

When the mind no more resists to what just is the heart will respond with wisdom and all is well – even now.

From the awakened perspective no circumstance in life is without merit or opportunity. What matters is your response to it.

In spite of all past programming your being can still claim full freedom.

The freedom to be oneself is priceless and does not rely on any outward circumstances.

What love calls forth from you will change circumstance into a treasured teaching.

A willing student accepts all of life as its teacher, especially this precious moment.

Any moment becomes very precious when it is fully embraced for what it is.

Silence is the language of the heart.

Compassion is the action of the heart.

Devotion to what is is the surrender of the heart.


Who You are is Beyond Time, Space, and Even Consciousness

March 7, 2002

The great unknown is preparing all of you to step beyond yourself into the mystery of divine love.

In this preparation you will be asked to let go of what is not love.

Letting go is simply seeing what no longer serves the highest good.

Ask “what is the highest good?” and guidance will be given you.

Guidance comes from the source which, in your heart, you have never left.

You cannot leave what you are. Such is divine law.

Divine law has been established beyond time and can be accessed in the eternal now.

Living in this now is what you came to learn.

Learning is healing, forgiving and remembering who you are.

Who you are is beyond time, space, and even consciousness.

It is time for humanity to put all its attention into penetrating into the mystery of its purpose.

The purpose of life cannot be strife or injustice.
Look for another way. Only you can find it within the circumstances of your own life.


Without Your Presence the World Would be a Lesser Place

February 12, 2002

Divine Mother has her arms stretched around the planet, blessing all her children.
Invoking her presence is paying tribute to that in you which is ever forgiving
and nurturing of self and others.

Intimate communion with all that is, right here, right now, breaks up the loneliness of seeking.

What cannot be spoken of can still be intuited in the silence of the heart.

Even the sage turns to the divine for sustenance.
Why wouldn’t you?

You are love.
Remember that and all is well.

Without your presence the world would be a lesser place.


To Fear is to Forget

October 10, 2001

Always keep looking at the larger screen of consciousness.
This screen does not accept your projections.
It only reflects back to you your pure essence.

When the world is plunged in darkness, there is an immediate response from the higher planes of consciousness to simply remind you of what is.

To fear is to forget your unshakable nature and destiny as a light being.

No effort is required but a very clear alignment of your commitment to be in the center of divine harmony.

From the center of the cosmic heart there is no end to the love emanating towards you. Open all the cells of your being to receiving this pristine light.

As you are gathered in this light a recharging of the life current is taking place.
Let this force be very intoxicating, refreshing, nourishing to the depths of your soul.

Let a single drop of divine consciousness wipe away all your illusions.

The masters of wisdom and compassion are actively seeking your help to contribute to world peace. Receive their blessings, receive their inspiration, let them guide your actions.
Be in peace.


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