October 21, 2005

Reach for the richness buried in your heart.
It is there.
Abundance is there.
In this moment you are a millionaire
It is time to share.

Only what you share you own.
This is how all the masters have grown.

This planet is rich beyond belief.
And yet its people live in grief.
Wake up!
Wake up!
Abundance is a state of mind.

Every little group that finds the gold
and shares it, breaks the mould of separation
and puts an end to starvation.
Your task is historical and preceded your incarnation.
It is why you have chosen earth as your destination.

Be in peace now.
All this is happening through you.
Simply by sitting in deep meditation.

Your hearts and hands are reaching across the globe
and touching so many who share your aspiration.

Many beings of light are working through you.
They amplify your field so that all darkness may yield.

The blessings that are pouring into you are changing you forever.
Pass them on.
They will multiply and magnify.

You are free.
You have chosen to just be.
That is your victory!