The Eternal Self Can Shine Forth

October 31, 2003

The personality is not the proper self.
It needs to step back so the eternal self can shine forth bright and clear.

All your inner work has brought you to this point: handing over of ego to essence.

Each of you embodies a quality of divine essence.
You came here to share this and also to receive.

As the light refractures in various colors your essence delights in many manifestations.

All these are aspects of the One.
You are always the many and the One.

Where love abides the One operates to reveal little self to eternal self.

Though this law is ancient its application in the world has hardly begun.
But the winds of change are here since you are here.


Healing Happens

October 24, 2003

Amazing healing happens once the heart hears what it is here for.

It is not here to shut down but to open to ever increasing levels of vulnerability and sensitivity.

Such a heart is also courageous and does not question why it was called here.

Think of the future generations whose ancestors you are and your heart will leap with joy and nothing that is asked of you will be too much.

Such a vision has been held in high honor by the native people whose land you share.

Eagle and buffalo are praying with you to revive the spirit of this land.

Do not disappoint the children. They need your direction as elders.

A brave heart is always willing to die by looking fear straight into the eye.

To prepare yourself to die ask the question: who am I?


Transforming the Substance of Matter

October 17, 2003

You came here to participate in the galactic event of transforming the substance of matter within the earth atmosphere.

Some of the decisions in your own life are mere reflections of this larger context.
You are following the call of Divine Mother.

It is not necessary to understand the nature of these promptings but it is useful to see the relevance of your own contribution.

During your meditations a gradual shift occurs.
This shift is beyond your own grasp.
What is dark and meaningless is replaced by the light of your own purpose.

Many of your relations are reconfigurations of past associations.
Now they all serve the common purpose of this great transformation.

There is no separation between you and the divine impulse.
You are it!


The One Who is Watching is Limitless

October 15, 2003

Check for yourself:
is there any validity in the belief that full awakening would not be available to you right now, in this moment?
Who is holding this belief and who is the one watching this belief in action?

The one who is watching is limitless and has been watching since the beginning of time.

This watching is as natural as a gentle morning rain – no effort, no intention – it just is.

Every single raindrop reaches its final destiny.
Why do you think you may not be on the right track?

You are blessed many times over for being with your self.
Greater treasure you will never find.

Do you know who walks with you?
Just asking yourself this question will open your heart in a new way.

Continue your meditation today beyond the quiet time.
The watcher is still watching.


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