The Garden of Eden within Yourself

September 26, 2003

In the course of your meditation see each of your chakras as a colorful lotus flower.
Let them open one by one and very soon you will be drunk on the divine.

Each chakra contains a multiverse of possibilities and many, many teachings.

Exploring this inner landscape is like discovering the whole Garden of Eden within yourself.

It will not be long now before this vision will expand to include all the beings around you.

Let the heart be in charge of keeping the inner lens of perception free from dust into an open window into beauty and truth.

Awareness is already fully operational within you.
Can you become aware of this awareness?
This may sound tricky, yet it is very simple.

These are the times when many seekers are galvanizing each other into higher consciousness.
Like a swarm of bees buzzing each other into ecstasy.

In case of doubt about your function here: holding a steady field of loving presence is your greatest contribution on this earthly plane.


Surrendering to Divine Inspiration

September 17, 2003

St. Francis can assist you here.
Your heart can ease everybody’s pain, including your own, by listening patiently and in peace.

Whomever you receive in the heart makes you into the rich one.
There are many mansions in your home.

Surrendering to divine inspiration is like taking a shower in golden light.

Greet yourself as love in everyone you meet.
This is the quickest way to paradise on earth.

Silence is not loneliness.
Very soon you share company with animals and plants and rocks and angels, all aspects of the One Self.

What divides you always starts from some concept.
What unites you is truth itself.

By the end of your meditation some of your cells have shifted their consciousness.
They will help you to discover who you are now and what you have come to do.


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