December 30, 2002

A new consciousness is finally emerging within the very marrow of your bones.
It is replacing compulsive thinking with silence, fear with love and separation with union. This is humanity’s silent revolution.

The unseen realms are overseeing this process. They commune with you through insight and the elevation of your vibration.

More and more you will intuit what is true for you and live accordingly.

Such a life displays a divine design and is of service both to you and the higher plan.

All events are very welcome then since they all help your transformation.

Awakening is seeing through the illusion of the world and blessing it with your clarity.

The path is not difficult to find. It is wherever you have chosen to show up as the love that you are.

You are never alone.
Behind every single one of you stands a lineage of enlightened ones.

Your authentic nature needs deep silence to replenish itself.
This is a wise use of your time.