Awakening is Loving One’s Self

May 17, 2002

Ever so gently push yourself away from the busyness of mind.
Linear time becomes vertical and leads you onto a ladder to heaven.

Awakening is loving one’s self and seeing the other as the self.

Awakening in awareness is the next step of evolutionary consciousness.
It is much easier and more joyous to cooperate with this program than to resist it.

In meditation the little me dies into the splendor of the eternal self.

In the absence of any identification there is only you in the presence of God.


Truth is So Simple

May 2, 2002

You are the goal of this path: the recognition in your heart of the love that you are.

More often than not awakening is a gradual process in which you release the many identifications with what you are not. You are not the mind neither the body. Then the liberating question arises: who am I?

Let the investigation into ‘who am I’ reorient the foundation of all your perceptions.

Investigating who you are is not a mental process but a mystical merging with the mystery of existence itself.

Existence itself is the ground of all support but you need to be available to let it in.

Truth is so simple only the innocent heart can respond to it.


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